Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Music choice 'Speaking of' apparently Amanda liked the set we built for them.

Another music choice project.

Music choice 'The Cut' with Nick Cannon

Few weeks back I worked on the set for the show 'The Cut', for Music Choice on Demand. The show featured guest Nick Cannon, shot at Gibson NY. Here is the behind the scenes featuring the set .

Cool Kids 'Bundle Up' Music Video

I was lucky enough to work on a music video for The Cool Kids. It was a long day but the guys were hilarious and the video came out great. Check it out>>>>> Also i make a couple of appearances in the video see if you can spot me.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


My boss at damage studios got called to do a digital short for SNL and i Iwas lucky enough to bag a prop making job on it. The short is hilarious. I loved Pee Wee's play house as a kid.

'QUIRKY' Inventions based reality show for the Sundance Channel.

Worked on 'QUIRKY' a show for the Sundance channel coming out June. Set build/dressing.


Worked on the interview sets for the 'Real Housewives of New York'. Scenic painting and set build.

'RIP THE RUNWAY' Ft Selita Ebanks: Art Department

Worked on the sets for 'RIP THE RUNWAY' awesome job, great team. The piece features Selita Ebanks.

SIDE PROJECT: Giant camera lense.

Giant camera lense for a store front in Brooklyn NYC. That's not all my mess in the background.

More from Rolling Stone Magazine: Performance area

Crazy amounts of pipe and drape, with a giant collage we put together the day before. This was probably my favorite performance too.

The shelves on "Do You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star'

The Record Shelves in action on Rolling Stone Magazine's 'RS LIVE'.  Interview with Travie Mcoy.

Its all so fake this TV lark.

Its a kind o' magic! Glimpse of the fake record walls I worked on for the Rolling Stone Magazine 'So You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star' and 'Rs Live'. The shelve are actually only about 25% real records, with the rest being fake fascias we made, and the shelves are actually on 6 inches deep. Sneaky sneaky!

Prop shopping NYC!

Hit the streets of nyc prop shopping for Rolling Stone Magazines "Do You Wanna be a Rock and Roll star" and RS live. Found these guys in a prop house just chillin, ...who rents these?

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