Thursday, 21 April 2011


My boss at damage studios got called to do a digital short for SNL and i Iwas lucky enough to bag a prop making job on it. The short is hilarious. I loved Pee Wee's play house as a kid.

'QUIRKY' Inventions based reality show for the Sundance Channel.

Worked on 'QUIRKY' a show for the Sundance channel coming out June. Set build/dressing.


Worked on the interview sets for the 'Real Housewives of New York'. Scenic painting and set build.

'RIP THE RUNWAY' Ft Selita Ebanks: Art Department

Worked on the sets for 'RIP THE RUNWAY' awesome job, great team. The piece features Selita Ebanks.

SIDE PROJECT: Giant camera lense.

Giant camera lense for a store front in Brooklyn NYC. That's not all my mess in the background.

More from Rolling Stone Magazine: Performance area

Crazy amounts of pipe and drape, with a giant collage we put together the day before. This was probably my favorite performance too.

The shelves on "Do You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star'

The Record Shelves in action on Rolling Stone Magazine's 'RS LIVE'.  Interview with Travie Mcoy.

Its all so fake this TV lark.

Its a kind o' magic! Glimpse of the fake record walls I worked on for the Rolling Stone Magazine 'So You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star' and 'Rs Live'. The shelve are actually only about 25% real records, with the rest being fake fascias we made, and the shelves are actually on 6 inches deep. Sneaky sneaky!

Prop shopping NYC!

Hit the streets of nyc prop shopping for Rolling Stone Magazines "Do You Wanna be a Rock and Roll star" and RS live. Found these guys in a prop house just chillin, ...who rents these?

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